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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance2
Career Growth2
Work Environment2

From Charlotte, NC — 06/17/2010

Pay: All Comcast agents received $10/hr, regardless of experience, plus shift differential and lousy sales bonuses. They told us in training not to expect raises.

Respect: You get respect from everyone except the Quality people in the back who have no mercy if your computer freezes on you or shuts down when you're with a customer.

Job Security: Good, unless you repeatedly do no meet sales goals.

Work/Life Balance: Ha! Schedule changes weekly, and you'll work at least 2 days out of Fri/Sat/Sun.

Career Potential/Growth: Probably good if you like the call center environment; will have to huff it out as an agent for at least 6 months though

Co-workers: Mostly ghetto but not much drama

Work Environment: Indoors. The only stress comes from customers who call in about not paying their bills.
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