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From Work At Home — 05/16/2010

This job defenetely doesn't pay the greatest but it's a job and I get to work from home. I love my 30 second commute and would not trade it for the world. I love knowing that my baby boy is just down stairs with his daddy while mommy works. I had spent 2 years looking for legimate WAH work and I found Convergys which was a wish come true and a true blessing. I have worked at Brick and Mortars and was payed TONS more, but for me, the fact that I am at home, comfortable and able to serve my customers better, is all worth it. Besides that... my TL and coaches and co-workers are all great. I have no problems in that department. We have a great time working and helping eachother in chat when needed. So yeah.. the pay sucks compared to what I had made before at B&M but I am in a stage of my life where being a WAHM is what is important to me. So this defenetely works for me. I hope to stick around for awhile! Thank you Convergys for giving me the ability to work for a great company & best of all... the opportunity to work from home!
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