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From Pharr — 03/24/2010

I loved going to work every morning and seeing the same people there day after day. Most of them were hard working and dedicated to their jobs. They always gave 110% whether it is because they had a family to support or because they were individuals with strong work ethics. I always felt appreciated at work and felt that I made a difference until the day they laid me off. There was no warning, reason or mention of being let go, just a call to an office and given the “Business Needs” excuse. That was a blow to the stomach. So after giving Convergys 7 ˝ years I was given a shity severance package and the walk of shame. One good thing did come out of it, and I would like to take the time to thank Convergys for its 2 ˝ years of unemployment benefits and the ability to go back to college and finish out my degree without having to work. Thank You Convergys!
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