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From Pharr — 03/24/2010

Where do I start ,I continue to read all these comments that are being left by individuals that obviously have alot of learning to do about working in a professional environment. First, of all the SITE is called Job Vent but very little is being put in about the job itself. I have yet to read a comment about benefits,safe work environment,clean workplace, Or monetary(bonus,raise) compensation for hard work. No one has talked about being an outstanding employee and not seeing it payoff in the end. No one has mentioned being a top performer and consistantly not being compensated. Those are valid complaints about an employer and I am not trying to condone,excuse or justify anyones actions on how they want to be viewed in the public eye, their sexual preference, or vices. I just believe that what you do on your own time has nothing to do with how you do your job. One thing has absolutely nothing to do with the other and those of you who think otherwise obviously can seem to draw line between the workplace and your personal life at home. If you have so much insight to all of these events then i guess you were in the same places or tickets were being sold to these public attractions. The constant highschool talk that is taking place is actually kind of embarrassing because obviously you work for the company and the fact that they hired someone who cant tell the difference between a public forum for JOB complaints and not personal complaints says alot. If you want to be the next Perez Hilton then start your own blog and you can write your very own gossip column. Trying to air someone elses dirty laundry really isnt much of a valid complaint it just shows how little time you spend focusing on your job and how much energy you spend talking about eveything else unrelated to work. Im too busy living my own life to worry about how other people are living theirs. As long as it doesnt affect their performance it shouldnt matter. So if you are so intuned to whats wrong then you should also know the job is all about numbers and if you dont hit those numbers then you are another number being walked out the door. Those of you who have been there and know so much about what going on should know they EVERYONE is expendable no matter who you are. If the complaint has been made and investigated and they were not FIRED to your likely then probably its because you are just going on what you hear in the breakroom. Another Brilliant comment I read was the thought that holding a degree means that someone is educated or able to do a job. Everyday we run into people at all kind of jobs that are working at that job because they can do the job because of their education or DEGREE, but that does not mean they SHOULD be doing that job. If you were ever told NO,or you were denied something whether it was pay,bonus,vacation or any other disservice did you ever bother to find out why? Or was all you heard was NO and started to pout like a 5yr old in a toy store after hearing the same word. Did you even try to understand why you didnt get your way so that you could what you needed to do,changed or fix to ensure that you didnt get denied again. Before you get upset about not getting something try finding out why so that you understand, get informed and avoid pointing the finger at someone else and start pointing it at yourself. You look down and pass judgement when you are on top not on the way up. In other words make sure your Sh*t doesnt stink before you go worrying about someone else. If you are going to start shouting out facts make sure those facts are relavent to your point. Im not saying it is the greatest job either its just a shade above ok but for completely different reasons then the soap opera that is being splattered all over this site. You are entitled to your opinion just please tag it with your name instead of the company because we dont want your ignorance being a shadow on the rest of us. Although I may share the same view and opinion on some of the things being said I was raised with a little more moral fiber and if I have something to say about someone I will take it up with them if it was really that important to me and I wanted it changed. If you can do it better or change the way its being done then apply to move up. I believe I can make a difference and that is why I want to move up in the company untill its time to move on. It is still a place for professionals but will only be that way if the people who work there act PROFESSIONAL.
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