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From Pharr, TX — 03/18/2010

Okay-so I've seen a couple of negative posts here as well as some that have gotten a lil' too personal. Let me start off by saying that I have been in the customer service business for about 5 years already. At the other center I lasted 3 years and it was horrible-never quit though cause it was easy money. Now I work at Convergys for prepaid service, and let me tell you that I love <3 my job!!!! I really can't complain. When I need help my TL is the first one to assist me and help me out to the best of her ability. I like our managers. They all have their own personalities and are willing to help out when they are needed! So many agents complain about "favoritism" but that's everywhere if you really need a job and are mature u will not let something like that bother you. I've got nothing bad to say about it! I've seen people come in and get fired or quit, but none of the TLs are here to fire people as some may assume. In conclusion I feel that if you really want a job that will give you benefits and give you respect this place is it!
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