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From Stratford, NJ — 12/15/2008

When I was first hired as a part time teller at Commerce, I absolutely loved my job. I knew that Commerce paid less then most banks but because of the work environment, I didn't mind. The potential to excel in the company was excellent, as I had seen several tellers, including myself, grow from regular tellers to supervisors. After a year of working here, the disrespect came into play. Managers began treating me like nothing and I took the blame for a majority of incidents that I had nothing to do with. When I requested off for a necessary obligation almost 4 months ahead of time, managers magically 'lost' the request off sheet or claimed to never have seen it despite discussing it with me weeks prior. As a part time teller, I was to have no more then 40 hours per pay period...20 hours a week. The week I ended up quitting, I pulled 3 shifts and accumulated over 30 hours. I was worked like a dog and I finally cracked.
While I loved every single one of my fellow employees, the managers were on a definite power trip. They took their best employees for granted and allowed the below average employees to get away with murder. The job was always secure, especially with the TD merge, however I do not see why someone would want to be treated this way by their employees.
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