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3.5Rating Details
Job Security4
Work/Life Balance3
Career Growth4
Work Environment4

From NJ — 10/10/2008

Commerce Bank was a good part-time job to have during college. I decided to break down this review by category so that people who are considering Commerce can see what America's Most Convenient Bank is really like.

Pay- It was okay when I worked there because I had no idea how much other tellers made. Apparently, Commerce pays somewhat less than other banks. Most tellers started between 9.50 and 10.50 an hour in 2006-2007. I'm not sure if they pay more now.

Respect- It depends on your location. The bigwigs really don't care about the "little guy", but the managers and head tellers that I worked with were all respectful and helpful. There is a large emphasis on helping the customers and putting them first, so corporate probably values them above the tellers and CSRs.

Benefits- None if you're part time, so I left a 0.

Job Security- Average. Some jobs had a high turnover rate, but if you were decent at your job, you could work there for a long time. They tolerated incompetence to a certain degree, but they fired truly bad tellers.

Work/Life Balance- If you work weekends, it's not so good. As a college student, the schedule was ideal because I could work at night and on the weekends and still work 30 hours a week. For full timers, the schedule isn't as good because they sometimes have to work holidays (Fourth of July), weekends, or nights until 8 pm. The head tellers in particular had to stay for almost 10 hours on some days if a teller committed an error, etc.

Career Potential- Okay. If you're full time, they have something called a CASH program to help you advance. They usually promote from within and favor seniority. However, some employees that I knew were stuck in a teller or CSR role just because Commerce didn't want to pay them more or put them through expensive training if they didn't have to.

Location- Everywhere

Coworker competence- Depends on the branch. Some of Commerce's employees are lazy college kids, but some truly care about what they do. If you put some effort into it, you will become competent.

Work Environment- Friendly and welcoming. My branch was very supportive and kind. They were like a second family. However, I knew someone who worked in a branch of bitter, vindictive people, so it can go either way.
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