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From Huntsville, Al 35806 — 04/16/2010

As i read employee concerns that work at the Delta Area Call Center, in Huntsville. It bothers me a great deal. Comcast is a wonderful company to work for. Who ever keep disrepecting the brand, needs to get a life. If you are unhappy, then leave cowards! Comcast has an open door policy, so use it in a professional manner. To all of the leadership that works in the building, from HR to the Director, Trainers, Managers, Supervisors, an outstanding job. It takes special, strong, people with integrity to do what they do. That is what Comcast as a company is all about. Who cares who is sleeping with who. Do i think that it is right? it get me ahead in the company by being negative?..minding other people's! Normally, when employees blog, there are miserable with them selfs as a person. Misery loves company! Stop pointing the finger and be responsible for your own actions and success. I been working in Corparate America for years, its politics. So i will leave on this note, either shut up, put up, or leave. If I'm not happy working some where, I leave, move on and don't look back. So every time we want to be negative on here, I will be positive..beacuse thats just the type of person I'm...It takes to much energy to be negative..Comcast Rocks!
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