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From ut — 03/24/2010

I worked at this company for a about a year. We went through training for a good 8 weeks and it was average. The work environment was normal depending who you associated with. I think some people shouldn't be in leadership position because of their work ethics, but that can be said by every company. Most of the team leaders were fair, helpful and fun to be around with. The biggest annoyance that I faced while working at Comcast was the constant pricing changes or promotions that they offered, which made the job difficult each month. The pay is not great unless you are making sales, but the opportunity is available to advance and make more pay. Customer care department I believe is the most stressful because of dealing with mainly upset customers 8 hrs a day literally and many incorrect system codes that wont be fixed. Other than that its pretty much a mediocre job. If your planning to work here I would recommend tech support or sales.
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