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From Fife, WA — 03/17/2010

I didn't hate the work environment I was in at first. In fact, I loved going to work. I understood that as the new kid in town I'd get the least desirable shift until the next shift bid. I knew that I'd have to sacrifice time with my husband and kids for a few months. The problems didn't really begin until my son became very sick and was in and out of the hospital. I went through all of my flex time and vacation days just taking care of him. Thankfully October rolled around and I got more, but then I myself became very ill and missed work, ultimately needing surgery. I was told to apply for short term disability, which I did, but in the end, only part of my time off was approved, even though I had letters from my doctors stating that I had to be out as long as I was. I showed up to work one day, was confronted by human resources, told I had been terminated, and escorted out of the building without even taking my things, as if I was going to become violent or something. I was allowed to pick them up in the front office the next day.

I understand why they're so strict about breaks and lunches. I understand why there has to be rules about getting up and going to the bathroom. But when you go to work with a stomach flu because you know if you miss, you'll "waste" a flex day, and you STILL get in trouble for too many bathroom breaks, well...I'd say there's kind of a problem there, wouldn't you?

I had absolutely no problems with any of the management. I thought they were all great people. I don't think they were trained properly for their positions, but that's not their fault. I believe that they were over stressed because of upper management coming down on them, but I never had a single problem with any of them. I was there just shy of a year and aside from the attendance policies leaving absolutely NO breathing room or options in case of emergency, I had a decent time working there. It is true that the turnover rate there is high, but most people get let go for attendance issues or quit because of how strict they are. If you are more than 3 minutes late, that's no different than missing the whole day. I understand there has to be rules, but come on. When there's a foot and a half of snow in my front yard and my roads haven't been cleared off so I'm stuck for 3 days, please don't write me up just because you chose not to close the call center. It's great that the roads are fine in Fife. They're not fine everywhere else.

I guess I have mixed emotions about my time at Comcast. I enjoyed most of my coworkers, made the day as tolerable as I could, and left it at that. There are going to be things you don't like about every job you have, and this was by far not the worst of them for me. The benefits were pretty good, and more affordable than at most places, and the work environment was pretty pleasant most of the time. Yes, sometimes you're surrounded by negativity, and yes, it's difficult not being able to help the customers out in the way you'd like to because of the rules, but that's all just part of the job. Even after I was let go, I'd still tell people it's a decent place to work. It's stable employment and a steady paycheck. These days, who can really complain?
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