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From Pittsburgh,Pa — 03/03/2010

I will be honest been with the company for 2 years. Never had no issues with nobody. Problems that I have encountered is issues with other caes that don't explain when making adjustment s to an account always tell customer that bill would need to be paid in full then credit will be applied. Comcast has been great to me for benefits,commissions, and happy with my hours of work. Only thing that really frustrates me due is the installation department closing out work orders for customers for which a tech has not been there? What? Then you send a tracker to have this researched and then a dispatcher tells me to rebuild a work order? I am sorry from the other company I worked from and dispatched from if the work was completed out by accident or error and or whatever the case is we rolled outside the csg work order and do the job, due to the office or subcontractor already got paid to do the job. And no offense if you are tech and or dispatcher instead of calling a customer and before you cancel a job for crying out loud knock on the door and call the customer and leave house description notes......and also to outdoor reps look up the information and first and give all disclosures on billing before you make sales this is getting very old!
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