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From Manchester — 05/01/2006

Can you spell ungrateful bastard? It seems the same whiners are still posting repeatedly to try to make a point about getting a union in. A union will get the lazy ungrateful person and make him a manager not because they know what they are doing just because he has been there so long and cannot get it any other way. Yep the whiners are still here but you must have noticed they have not left to move on to the great careers they speak of. Last I checked it was employment at will and they could leave when they wanted but it sounds like you do not have any will respect or manners.
People you get what you put in and since respect is so important try giving to get. Every company has some issues and changes are made. They told you when you started “Business Needs” not your needs but the business.
Work with Spvs and DS’s do not run like children and back stab them. By the way Comcast did pay a large settlement to the Mass AG but read the case it was based on AT&T and since Comcast bought AT&T we honored the mistakes made. You might not know what the word honor means though.
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