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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth4
Work Environment3

From Houston, TX — 07/30/2009

I work as a technician for Comcast and it didn't take long to start making a decent wage with the company. I feel like the level of respect we get from our management is adequate for maintaining a motivated and disciplined workforce, as most people tend to whine a lot. The benefits are possibly the best you can get for a skilled worker at a very large company(the 401k and employee stock purchase plan are top notch!) As long as cable is around, you will have a job. Most positions will put your days off next to each other so you have a "weekend" even if its not at the end of the week, so that makes for a good balance. As long as you are willing to put forth the extra effort you can get promoted when you show the inclination, but they're not just going to hand it to you. Depending on where you live in the metropolitan area, if you talk to your human resources representative they will try to put you closer to your place of residence, though this could take several months. Where I feel is lacking is the level of competence of co-workers, because most people like to milk the fact that we are paid so well and don't realize that things could be much worse... there to collect a paycheck, as it were. I will leave "work environment" at a zero because we don't choose how messy or hostile the customers are. They are usually jerks from the get-go, so a thick skin is necessary for a tech occupation. Doesn't hurt to look good and speak well, either.
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