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From PA — 04/29/2009

I don't have much to comment on about the company. The pay is decent, the option to move around the company is good, and the benefits are pretty good too. However my gripes are the following: our customer base has to be the dumbest people on earth. I work in tech support and the people who call us are the poster children of ignorance. I think everyone thinks Comcast dictates all aspect of their lives. Pretty much 75 to 80% of the calls we get have nothing to do with us. I have had many people call stating their computer will not turn on and demand Comcast do something about it. You then have to explain to these idiots that we provide internet...and that's it! We don't work on computers, we don't cover anything past the modem. I love when people call about another companys router THEY bought and expect US to fix it. Nope. I even had a person call me and say "My power strip is making a noise...what can Comcast do to fix this?" I sat in silence. I couldn't believe why someone would call US with something like this. We get hammered with such jems like "My internet ain't working", "It don't do nothin", "My mouse stopped working", "I get prank phone calls from the local hospital, Comcast needs to fix this". I had someone once call and scream at me because THEY keep putting their tv on the wrong channel. I do like my job, I like the people i work with, but the customers who we must deal with make the job so challenging.
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