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From Philadelphia — 01/03/2009

Hi All,

let me first say, I don't work for Comcast as an employee but I have worked in the corporate office as a contractor for over a year now. As a contractor working at many Large corporate companies, I have dealt with many different styles of working and with many types of employees. I must say that of all the places I have worked at, Comcast has treated me with the most respect and appreciated the services I delivered to them. Their management are profesional (of course there are bad seeds but if you all want to be realistic I think you would agree this is everywhere) and I found that the Comcast way of working is the most forward thinking I have seen in a long time for a company of this size. They require allot from their employees (and contractors) but they also reward well compared to other companies. The problem is that from what I see you either sink or ski here. If you do well you do very well, if you can't keep up you end up writing post like allot of people I have seen hear. In today's economy, you should be grateful that your Company is working so hard (and pushing their employees so hard) to maintain their leadership position in the industry which in turn will provide you with job security in the long run. Work hard and forget the BS and from what I have seen you will be rewarded.
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