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From Manchester — 12/01/2007

I came to Comcast a few years ago as a front line sales person. There were 15 folks in my class. We all began with great hopes and friendships were formed during the 9 weeks of training. When I came out of training and began work for real, many of my training buddies were located in the same office as me but were on different teams. Comcast is a change environment but we were told that on day 2. I believe that if you take a job then you must do the best you can and earn your pay. A few weeks into the job, I would run into many of my training buddies and some "veterans" that I had met and I notice attitudes were going down hill. People began focusing on all the little things that they didn't like, didn't agree with. I knew when I took the job that it was a call center job and what my target pay was and it would be challenging. When you spend all your time talking to other people and complaining you soon find the only people talking to you are those negative seed planters. Soon, I had to begin avoiding many of my buddies and some co-workers because they were becoming so negative despite my efforts to encourage them they dismissed me as being foolish or unrealistic. I was told many of the same things I read in others comments on this website: you can't get ahead, you have to know someone, people play favorites, etc. If you take a job you are responsible for your own attitude. I began to politely avoid some folks I had formed relationships with instead of having conversations in order to protect my own attitude from their poisonous ones. My experience with Comcast has been excellent. Sure, I've had my tough days. But if you want to succeed then you have to speak positively and focus on the good things, not the things you have no control over. I've worked in multiple locations with Comcast in multiple roles and the folks that get ahead are the ones that focus on doing their current job well, respecting the boss(like them or not), have a positive attitude, are flexible to changes and don't join the complainers in rehearsing what they think is wrong. I've been promoted 3 times in my career here and it was never because I was the "chosen one" or top performer or "knew" someone. Benefits, pay, work environment are very good. I've met some folks who are the salt of the earth. If I'm speaking with someone who is struggling I try to talk about the positive. The old saying "what goes around comes around" is true in life and Comcast is no exception. Try changing your attitude, being grateful you have a job, compliment someone and say "hi" to people you pass in hallways even if you don't know them. I'm grateful that I found Comcast. Yes, the work is challenging but it is everywhere else too. Change begins with you. This is a great place to work with great products and services. You get the respect that you earn. Be positive and positive things will happen.
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