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From Fort Myers, Florida — 11/27/2007

I have worked for comcast now for seven months now. I am a CAE or Customer Account Executive. I work in a cell centet doing sales and resolving people's issues. I find my job stressful at times. Due to irrate customers or trying to meet sales quota. But over all I think it is a good job. I have respect and authority from my supervisor and peers.

No matter where you work, you're always going to have those workers that say this job sucks. No matter what company you work for, there will be people that dislike it. If everyone would wake up and help each customer with each problem to the best of their ability, things would not fall through the cracks.

I will say Comcast specificly is a great company for two reasons. Number one, it is a company that offers wondeful products and services. Number two, they hire people from the community they do service for and pay them great with wages, then benifits. What more could you wish for?

But on the other hand my job is very hard. But that's why I am here. To make problems easier for other peers and customers. The problems I run into sometimes are that managment is not always there to own a issue when a situation requires them. But they do get the job done. Just not at that moment. Number 2, people call comcast and scream and be childish and get irrate. Let me ask you a question? If your 30 years old and you goto Walmart then pick a item up off a shelf. Then goto the cashier would you scream about how expensive the item is and say in front of their face walmart sucks? These people plague our population and should have no place in society. These are the people that make my job harder. So you lower the price just to get rid of them ands et them aside like they are special.But I move on.

Let me give you a better example of a irrate customer in a real issue. Misses Lady calls in and says my internet is slow and 12 people have been out here. You people suck. I say I am sorry... One moment please.. I review the customers history and sure enough, she has had 12 trouble calls. It just so happens that I am not only an Account Executive, but a Computer Tech. I walk her through testing her speed on and it is great. I said to her, your speed seems fine. She says you people have sucked since the start and Comcast is the worse thing that has ever happended to this city. I then say if I were to resolve this issue for you, would you be willing to keep the service. She said "I guess..." I walk her throuch closing all her applications on her Apple computer and then cleaning her cache. Then I showed her how to remove startup items and then how to empty her trash. After instructing her to restart her computer... BOOM! Wow!!! Oh my gosh my computer is quick... Can I put in a comment to your supervisor? I transfered her and she was happy. But do you see how everyone blames Comcast or you? Do you see how she started with me and had nasty attitude? It's not comcast that has a problem, it's humanity. The reason that there was 12 people was because Techs are not computer technicains and there job is to make sure that our cable signal is good.

It's not comcast that makes my job harder. It's the customers. But I smile everyday when I walk out the door. I smile because I made so many customer's and employee's lives a lot easier. I like helpling people. But if your reading this. Please remember to keep your cool when you call someone because they are there to help you. So make there job easier. People hate holding for a agent. But the reason you are holding is because people make our agents quit because how you treat them. Trust me, if you treat them good. They will lower your rate and show understanding, then do everything in there power to fix your problem. If you evil or rude, they will "only" do what they are required to.

Comcast has a great location. It is really close to me. Benefits are awesome, including free cable and internet. Career growth depends on you. My co-workers competence is amazing. Everyone helps each other. Job security is great as long as you do not bite the hand that feeds you. I would recommend to everyone to have a job at Comcast. I gave the work enviorment 3/5 due to irrate customers that are childish and illrational. I love working for Comcast because I love being a life changer. You can contact me at if you have comments.
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