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From Beverly, Ma — 11/12/2007

You Pro Union guys think a Union is great. Maybe you should talk to someone who has worked in a Union shop before.

You complain about the Managers. Do you really think a Union will make things any better? HA.! They will take that contract and have there Union Buster Lawyers analyze it then they will use it to slap you around with it. Comcast will send all the Managers to Union Busting Camp where they will learn how to never let you forget about that Union. Hope your contract isn’t too thick because when they roll it up and bend you over with it well…you may want to negotiate lube for this one….

Then if by chance you do negotiate something good in your contract Comcast will turn around and give that and most likely more to the Non Union departments. If you complain the response will be “oh sorry, it’s not in your contract.”

If benefits change or pay changes during the term of your contract YOU loose out. And they will make changes.

You think things are bad now with promotions then just wait. You think raises are unfair now just wait. You’ll bust your ass all year for your negotiated raise…then the Team Slacker will get the same raise you got for doing nothing, Why???, Because it’s in the contract!, or the Slacker will get the promotion over you because of seniority.

A Union can not interfere with Comcast running their business. So be prepared for schedule changes, or location changes for the “Needs of the Business.”

You live in Lynn well now your working in Rockport. Live in Newburyport now you’re working in Lynn. Oh and by the way you have to leave your truck at the office at night too so have fun paying for gas to get to work! Oh YA the Union got you a $1.50 raise so now you can afford to pay for gas to and from work, supply your own boots, jeans and don’t forget about that Union dues. How lucky you are!

What ever happened to working hard and getting ahead? Look on the Job board there are plenty of jobs…oh they require skills! Well stop complaining and get yourself qualified for one of them. Does someone have to hold your hand through this? A CT 1-3 is considered an “entry level position” you’re the one making your self stuck there not the company.
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