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From ma — 10/27/2007

Itís funny reading all of these reviews about Comcast and all the miserable people who hate it so much. I can only imagine how much nicer Comcast would be if all of you just left. I know I would be pleased not only for myself but for all of you who hate it so much. Just think you could actually find employment that you truly like elsewhere. Itís a great concept so why not take advantage of it - go Ė leave Ė split. Make my life more enjoyable and everyone else who appreciates the business and the company. And as far as unions goÖ. I think unions are great for some businesses but not for Comcast. I use the brains that God gave me to speak for myself and choose my own benefits. I also get rewarded for the hard work that I do Ė accordingly. I also understand budgetary constraints and economics struggles that may hinder that 20.00 more an hour increase you keep looking for. I donít need a union to take my benefits and bargain them for me. I donít need a union to fight for me. I can do all of that myself like a grown up. But most of all I donít need to pay anyone to do all of that because I can do it for free. So before you start spewing nonsense about unions do your homework. And for those of you that may comment negatively about my opinion, perhaps you should stop reading job vent during working ours and focus on the job that your getting paid to do. More importantly if youíre that unhappy leave Ė itís that simple, just leave, please Ė I beg of you. Now enjoy writing your rebuttals if youíd like but ask yourself why get so angry at me and my opinionÖ. thatís easy - Truth Hurts. Have a Comcastic Day!
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