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From Mass. — 06/05/2007

I have been a Comcast employee for some time now, and some of the things that people say here are way off base in my opinion. First, remember that NO COMPANY IS PERFECT! In fact, I think that Comcast treats employees very well when compared to other companies. I can't speak for every emoployee's pay situation, but when I joined Comcast I get paid a lot more than I did in my previous job, which was in most ways the same work I do here. As long as the Company does good, most of us get a bonus every year, and because we did really well in 2006, we got over 100% pay out on our bonuses. We also get a merit increase every year, nothing stellar, but an increase. The benefits in my opinion are outstanding. The company pays 85% of our insurance cost, most employers pay 25-50%. I get average vacation time and other time off. On top of it all, I pay very little for my TV, internet access and telephone which saves me about $170 per month over paying full price if I weren't an employee. There's even a gym that I can use for free in my building if I want to work out! There are lots of locations in the Mass. area and in other states so if I wanted to relocate, there's lots of possibilities, and there are always many postings for positions.

Shop around and see what other companys would pay you for the same or very similar job, and make sure you check out the benefits as well as pay rate. I think you might be suprised to find that we do pretty well at Comcast.
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