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From miami, fl — 02/22/2007

i am new to comcast in miami. i am a field tech. if you have bills and live a normal life, you will need a nightly part time job to make ends meet. this job is a quasi-dead end job....and what i mean by that is that there is room for advancement but any progress will be moderately slow and somewhat based on chance factors. it seems in the short time i've had to assess the situation, advancement to higher positions is largley based on how much supervisers take a personal liking to you, which could be a positive for some, but in general, this will be a negative for many. anyways, moved down here from new england in january and needed a job...i don't have a college degree :-( so i hopped on with comcast which i figured was an OKAY job for someone who basically has nothing but a high school diploma....well, the first thing is that i didn't even realize people still made $11.50/hour anymore. it is 2007 and that is well below poverty level if multiplied out to a yearly salary. but, alas, beggars can't be choosers and florida payrates are absolutley, $11.50 an hour...*deep breathe*...okay, that's ugly, but they do give out some overtime....okay, it still looks ugly but they do give you a van to take back and forth from work...okay, so you will save $100-200 in gas a month, still ugly but getting into neutral territory....okay, they give you free cable and high speed, okay you can save maybe $100 on cable and internet...okay, that brings us to an OKAY/decent job for an average joe with nothing to lose.... about the work itself....much more technically demanding than the payrate would actually have to go to 'comcast university' for 2 months before the actual field... alot of blame game/time mismanagement and politics goes on which is about par for any type of supervised work structure. general lack of respect is normal for any company i suppose, so in that sense, comcast falls about par with other for co-worker's good, meaning everbody seems to have half a brain....but atleast in miami, where they have 70 techs in one shop, the crowd gets extremely clicky. i don't want to say it's like a jail-house, because your life isn't in danger....but you defenitely know where and what group you should sit with from day 1....with every 'group' taking care of it's own. that's all i'll say about that subject..... overall, comcast is a barely tolerable job with okay benefits that gives the illusion of career advancement, etc etc, but should basically be a stopping place on your way to something better if you have the ability to do so.
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