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From Beaverton Oregon — 08/25/2010

Im sad to see all the bad posts about Comcast. Ive worked for them for almost 3 years now and this is honestly the best company I have ever worked for. My managers are great, my coworkers are great, everyone has a mutule respect for each other. I get recognition for all my hard work if you get a customer compliment it goes out in a company e-mail and you get a certificate for it. you deffentally get reconginzed for all the hard work you do. ive been given several awards for my hard work and meeting all my metrics. everyone gets along great and your teams are honestly like your work family. While sales are high on their priority list and they do push it alot you are told that when you are in your interview for the job. no matter what dept you are in you are required to sale.
The job itself is stressful especially since this market is the test market for all the new products. things change constantly and there is always something new happening .With all the new products and constant changes it get frustrating trying to keep up, but the management does the best they can to keep us updated and trained. we get a 30 minute time frame once a week to do trainings. Not to mention with all the changes and updates alot of stuff breaks so it creates high call volume of angery people :).
As far as benefits go their great! I have full medical and dental a competive 401k which they match. I can chose between several differnt companies to go with for my medical and dental and vision if I needed or wanted it. I get free cable and internet and home phone service for only 4 bux a month. I have to pay for my equiptment but my total comcast bill monthly is around 35 bux and thats for every channel that they offer! not ot mention 2 weeks paid vacation 64 hours of sick pay and an additional 48 hours for floating holidays. and thats when you just start out. after 5 years you get a additional week of vacation. I love my job my co-workers my leadership team and all my benefits while the job is stressful and challenging at times I dont see myself leaving comcast anytime soon. Ill probably change positions or try a new dept but I deffentally wont be leaving the company the benefits alone make it work working for. oh yeah and the pay is pretty good. I support my family off of just my income while money is tight we make it, and if I chose there is ALWAYS over time available!
By the way I forgot to mention I get to work from home!!! I get to spend time with my family on my breaks and can cook a hot meal for lunch! I litteraly can work in my pajamas! I dont have to waste money on gas or eating out every day! I only have to go into the office once a month for a meeting with my supervisor to go over my stats and listen to one of my calls and comcast even pays for my gas when I do have to trave the whole 5 miles to the call center! I really dont have to much bad to say about this company or this paticular call center its amazing. I love it!
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