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4.3Rating Details
Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth3
Work Environment4

From Edmonton, Alberta — 01/22/2010

First of all I actually worked at Icing By Claire's but there was also a Claire's in the mall and I would always be sent down when they needed workers and both work environments were exactly the same

Pay: I was paid about a dollar over minimum wage but seeing as I was in grade ten/eleven and was a part-timer thats really the best that can be expected I had no complaints

Respect: I absolutely loved everyone I worked with we were all great friends I am still in contact with all of them but about 2 months before I left there was a change in management we got a new DM and manager and everything went downhill from there, we were constantly accused of stealing and they would watch us close from afar and come and critique us on how we did it was ridiculous and I ended up quitting because of how awful they were to us

Benefits: I absolutely loved the benefits of working there we got a 50% discount which obviously didn't apply to the sales (buy 1 get on half off) but the discount was so good it didnt matter and I think my original manager just didn't care but you could put things on hold and after 6 months or less they would eventually become "pennied off" and we'd get them for free =)

Job Security: It really depends on the manager, with my first one I was never in danger of losing my job but I actually quit because my new manager was going to fire me

Work/Life Balance: I always got to take days off i needed and got as many shifts as I wanted I always had a good paycheck and I never had to take work home with me

Career Potential/Growth: It is possible to work your way up in this company but because of the recession it's next to impossible, I never got a raise once and I worked there a year and a half

Location: It was wonderful! Only a 15 minute bus ride!
Co-worker Competence: We never competed against each other because you don't work on commission at Claire's so we always got along wonderfully!

Work Environment: At Claire's by the end of the day pretty much everything within the reach of a three year old was on the ground but if you keep doing constant sweeps of the store it's rarely a problem unless it's an extremely busy day but at Icing we didn't have nearly as much of a problem as Claire's did because we mostly got teenagers and adults

Extra Comments: You constantly have to keep your eyes out for shop lifters because our cameras were fake and we didn't have beepers but it's really easy to point out a potential shop lifter and I MUST say it is so much fun busting someone for shop lifting!! Never call security though just ban them it's a waste of your time because you usually have to stay like 5 hours without pay to fill out paperwork. Piercing was a little annoying but a great way to pass the time but piercing babies is a little depressing and extremely difficult because they fidget and fight and scream!

One more thing, the people who complained and whined, that was just THEIR experience at this company, it's true it's bad to work there right now because they're so tight with money but that was the best job I've ever had and truly, it's all about managers.
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