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From Houston, TX — 12/09/2009

I worked for Circuit City and The City (a new concept store for the company as a last-ditch effort to reform). I started out as an Operations Manager and was eventually promoted to Store Director. I worked in 6 different locations over a 3+ year span and in 3 different regions, so I feel I have a pretty good grasp on what it was like to work for the company.

Like every company, there were the good and the bad. The company overall was poorly managed, but at a local level, your environment was very much dependent on the managers in the building. It could also be very much affected by the District Manager for that store.

The pay was above average at the Store Director level; however, everything below that (including the other salary management positions) were irratic at best. The company kept changing it's mind on who could get paid what that you could very well have a GREAT and tenured employee working in a position that is getting paid less than a new hire.

There was definitely a "Boy's Club" mentality in some markets, which was created and driven by the District Manager. This, of course, created some inequalities in the way you were treated on a personal and professional level. Not all markets were that way though. I worked in some very tough stores and very tough markets where manager turnover was high and I still thrived, evenually being promoted.

The nature of the business and pay dictated a lack in work-life balance. It was non-existent. I worked 60+ hours a week, got phone calls at home (not only from employees but other managers). It was a job that was very knowledge and systems-driven. The systems and reports were entirely too complex and made running the business more difficult than it needed to be.

Overall, it was a very challenging job that I thoroughly enjoyed. I learned a lot, but the company certainly wasn't without its faults.
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