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Job Security1
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth3
Work Environment4

From Douglasville, Ga — 08/01/2009

Pay: I started out at 8.50 for customer service. This was my first real job, and that was an awesome wage to start at, at the time. You are supposed to get reviews every 6 months. I didn't get mine till I transfered stores.

Respect: I got along with my managers there. I had complications with one or two of them, but that will happen no matter where you work. In the end we grew on eachother. At both stores I worked at, I dealt with some disrespectful customers because if you work behind a cash register you are apparently a lowlife. Then again it was customer service, so I was bound to deal with those kinds of people eventually.

I had one particularly horrible customer at the store I transfered to who said "women shouldn't be working, blah blah blah, lots of nasty things. He said I was racist because I wouldn't return his item that had best buy stickers all over it. In the end my store manager supported me and asked the man to leave the store. Come to find out that this particular man allready had a legal restraining order, and wasnt supposed to be anywhere near the store. funny huh?

Benefits: They had some pretty decent benefits. Tuition reimbursement. I believe that they also offered some benefits to part-time employees as well as the usual for full-time.

Job Security: hah! circuit city stores don't even exist anymore. Most of us saw it coming for a long time though.

Work/Life Balance: I never had any serious problems. I think it just depends who your manager is really.

Career Potential/Growth: I enjoyed working for circuit city, and would've stayed with the company longer if I could have. I had a few chances to get promoted to higher paying departments, but I ended up having to transfer before that could happen.

Location: it was right down the street from where i lived, and it was near a mall, so we had alot of business.

Co-worker Competence: I loved my co workers. They were great people and I am still friends with a good bit of them

Work Environment: I had a good work environment, but that could be different for other locations.
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