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From Tampa, FL — 08/07/2010

I've worked for Circle K for a year and a half now and after reading all the negative reviews (b/c of course that's most of what you'll find on this site) I can agree that some of them have valid points. Yes, the company put in a wage freeze for over a year when the economy hit rock bottom. It was either that or lay people off, not one person lost their job and when the company took an upward swing they cut everyone a thank you for being patient check. Yes, I've worked with plenty other store managers that are not, in my opinion, running their business properly and need to be replaced and the company is only as good as it's representation. To those employees I can imagine you wouldn't have a good work experience. I greatly enjoy working for Circle K. My district works well as a team and when ever anyone is in a tough spot everyone pulls together to take care of each other. For a 24/7/365 business it's rather stress-less!
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