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From phoenix,az — 09/25/2009

I was a CSR for a couple of months in between jobs.I have to say the store manager was a great guy who worked insane hours,but always had a positive attitude and a hysterical sense of humor.Coworkers were hard-working and very kind.On your feet for 8 hours with no break is very tiring,but this is life in a convenience store.Having to put up with high/drunk customers was the worst part of the job.I was hired as a full-timer @38 hours per week.Now corporate will not allow store manager to hire anyone on as full-time, I guess to prevent anyone from getting benefits.Not a bad temporary job,but I would not want to do it for the rest of my life.difficult to move into management positions with so few available,and if you are promoted count on 55 hours per week minimum.
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