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From Everett, wa — 07/15/2010

Reading previous comments made about Cintas, I find it very interesting that people can be so vocal about how terrible the company they work for or workED for is. My experience has been that Cintas, like many other large Corporations has it's good and it's bad. Guess what, it's a JOB. I have found that the people that work at the Everett location, especially the production partners, are some of the most amazing people I have met. Maybe I have this different opinion because I, like many other Cintas partners, take accountability for my actions and know that as a mature adult, it's my responsibilty to figure out how to get the most of this job and not just play the victim. You can call it drinking the "Cintas Koolaid" or whatever you want, I don't really care. Bottom line is that I am happy working for the company not because everyone there makes my work experience great, but because I have made the choice to make may own work experience a positive one and surround my time at work with others that seem to share the same mentality, and guess what, it's not just management partners!
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