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From MI — 02/17/2010

Let me start by saying that I work at a Union location, so that may explain my overall pleasant experience with the company. The management team at my location is great. They expect a ton, but have always backed me on a decisions I've made with a customer. If I feel like a charge or price increase is not fair I am free to discuss it with the customer, and come to a mutually beneficial resolution. Quality of life is tough especially when you are first starting, but that gets better over time as you learn to cope with the substantial work load. I think like any company mid level management can make a big difference one way or another, and Cintas' numbers oriented approach leaves room for some people to cut corners to make their numbers look better. I think in the past there was a great deal of emphasis on short term numbers, which caused some bad long term strategies, but I think the company is working to rectify this. Cintas is different from any company I have ever worked for, but I always know what to expect. I never have to worry about the whims of a manager to evaluate my job performance, and at most jobs you cannot say that.
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