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From Ohio — 02/05/2010

I've read these Cintas posts for months before finally deciding to make a comment.
After working for Cintas for multiple years now, it is obvious to me that this company typically attracts an impressive caliber of partner. The overwhelming majority of Cintas partners are hardworking, humble, loyal, and driven to be successful. I'm not an SSR, but I am especially proud of the work the SSRs do on a daily basis, for they are truly the face of Cintas and, in my opinion, have more to do with this company's success than any other specific group of partners. From a Cintas Rental Division location perspective, I believe that managers in operations (General/Branch Managers and Service Managers) along with Sales Managers and Sales Reps often possess "Type A" personalities. Maybe I'm wrong, but I believe that many of these negative posts are from frustrated "Type A" partners who were unable to find the success at Cintas they were used to achieving in past experiences in their lives, whether it be school, or sports, or previous jobs.
The posts come across as little more than sour grapes, but by no means am I suggesting that the negative posts stop being submitted. I find the posts to be interesting and a little bit entertaining. But the posts are sad in a way, too. They're sad because Cintas initially hired you because you were thought to be a good fit for Cintas. And you initially accepted a job at Cintas because you felt the company was a good fit for you. But somewhere along the way the relationship ended.
For all of the current partners who aren't currently satisfied and find themselves frustrated, you have choices: talk to your manager and try to collectively determine why you are dissatisfied or find another job if you feel the relationship between you and Cintas is beyond repair. Either way you will be happier then you are now. But complaining about Cintas after you have left the company does little more than provide readers like me insight and entertainment.
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