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From Phoenix, AZ — 02/01/2010

I am a UR Sales Representative here in the Phoenix market. I have been involved with a lot of different corporate jobs and Cintas (so far) is taking great care of me. My base is solid (45k), their benefits are incredible (140/month for whole family insurance on blue cross blue shield), and my favorite part is the car package. Basically you get, a company lease back, meaning they pay me a monthly fee for using my own vehicle on the job. They also pay for the insurance, gas (via company visa), and a stipend for maintenance. So their comp package is pretty good. The downside is, Cintas being the largest UR provider in North America, means that they will only hire people who want to shine and be the best. This means for the employee that a 40 hour work week is NOT typical at all. You should be out from 7am to 5:30 pm Monday through Friday with various Admin tasks after work or on the weekends. So far I love it. I think some people on here are just a little bitter for some reason.
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