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From tx — 12/31/2009

Reading these comments almost makes me sick. Every negative comment is based off the traits of SSR's that Cintas would rather not employ. In the uniform rental industry it is very easy to be portrayed as a con man. We do have lost/replacement goals. 30% for shop towels.. Think about it. 100 shop towels at $0.12 = $12. 30% of $12.00 is $3.60. It only takes 7 towels to reach that goal. If you count the towels...every week. The way you're supposed to you'll find that 7 towels is extremely generous compared to what most customers return. Also, the 30% is simply a goal. It's not required.There is never disciplinary action if you don't achieve that goal,

Pay. Cintas pays an UNEDUCATED man/woman very well. There's not many jobs that work 4 DAY WEEKS, no SATURDAYS or SUNDAYS. The health insurance is phenomenal. And Cintas is one of the remaining companies that pays weekly. For all of you who say you don't get support from management. You aren't paid to $12 bucks an hour to pick up and drop off clothes. You're probably paid somewhere around $42,000 a year....You're paid to handle your own business with SUPPORT from your STC or SERVICE MANAGER when needed. Don't expect them to do your job for you

Service Agreements. Yeah we use them. Yep 5 years, Look at the investment we make in our customers. We need to guarantee our business to make a return. Yeah, there's also price increases. What company doesn't raise there prices yearly. The world keeps getting more expensive. Only a bad SSR wouldn't inform there customers before this happens. We even mails letters out before hand. We never just raise the prices and hope the customer doesn't see it. In most cases if a customer refuses the price increase we take it off. It's business.

Adding product without customer knowledge. Another shady SSR trait. From time to time we have route growth competitions. That's when a shitty SSR will just add product. Cintas never encourages this. It probably does happen. But SSR's have and will be fire if caught We do offer free trials, install the product and add the product to the invoice the same day....but you have to remember to follow up with the customer the next week....REMOVE the product from the invoice if the customer doesn't want it. That's what Cintas teaches. Not to add the product and hope the customer doesn't see it.

Most SSR's anger and hatred towards Cintas comes from there own inability to perform the job. They can't handle the high stress of 100+ customers. It can be a stressful job. And as they fail they blame everyone around them rather than admit they can't do it. As they strugle to succeed they find the only way is to rip off the customer. Giving Cintas a bad name....not the failure of a shitty SSR.
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