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From Palm Beach County — 11/08/2009

I was in sales at CIntas and two things stick out. They under pay and work the you know what out of the FSR's. The FSR's should be making just as much as a sales rep. Why ? because they are the glue between the customer and Cintas. I don't understand how they put all of the problems on the FSR's. They send them out without enough of inventory, they leave with missing uniforms that they can't do anything about, they can't always get quality ungraded wear to customers, repairs are not always done correctly. WOW, FSR"s just take all of the heat. It's like fighting the Iraq war with a putty knife. Cintas needs to pay their FSR's more and give them more empowerment to decide what they think is best for their customers and route. Can I get an AMEN.

NOw concerning sales: They don't give a crap about excuses, you either perform or you are out the door -PERIOD. I think their sales work load is unreasonable.From phone blocking to getting up @ 4:00 am to meet a customer just to measure them. The wear and tear on your car, etc.The other stuff ,do it on your own time. Like paper work, emblems issues, customer problems etc. They want you to sell, sell, sell. Don't do anything other than sale between 8-5 Golden hours. If you have to go to the restroom wait until after 5:00. There reason : the time you spend in the restroom is lost time that you could have been selling. I know this is a hyperbole statement, but I'm not to far from reality. Can I get a witness out there ? You sales people know what I'm saying and the micro managing of every report is unprecedented. Inaddtion, If you have a dental appt or something, they would perfer you do it on the weekend. Do you think Scott Famer would wait for the weekend to go to the dentist ? Nope, so why should I........

Just think sales : You sign a 5 year deal and get paid 2 to 1 or 3 to 1 who's getting the difference. Cintas and investors. We make these *%(*&&$% RICH and one slip up and you got the boot.

When I worked for Cintas they were so arrogant and to BIG to fail. Cintas, I have news for you. "Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall". You keep screwing your employees and customers and one day you will find yourself no longer the BIG DOG , just a little puppy or no longer a player in the industry.

And by the way: GO OBAMA !! -stick it to these coporations and make sure they pay there fair share....
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