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From Ohio — 05/25/2009

Here is a legitimate review if anyone cares to read it.
PAY- The pay is pretty in line w/ the industry. You do have to negotiate well for your starting salary and raises, or you will get the bottom tier or standard 2-3% raise everytime. We are taught to justify this regardless of the quality of your work and character.

RESPECT- There is not an environment of disrespect at Cintas so much as a general idea of employees as 'bodies' rather than 'people'.

BENEFITS- Cintas is a very large company and can demand great rates on health insurance. They offer profit sharing and an ESOP. They contribute a % of your dollars to 401k as well.

JOB SECURITY- The ax can drop at anytime. If it is decided that a partner needs to go, a situation will be created where someone goes. Tenure and, believe it or not, job performance are often non-factors. You should be aware of this fact if you are logging more payable hours than others in your position, paid more than others in your position, or your location is losing revenue. You should know these will not be presented as the reason you are let go.

WORK/LIFE- Depending on your position, your hours could vary up to over 60 a week. The sheer amount of time is what results in a low rating here. It is a flexible environment in the sense that a partner can make adjustments to their workday fairly often if needed for out of work activities.

CAREER POTENTIAL- There are growth opportunities, but many open management positions are filled by outside hires or partners hired specifically as managenent or gm trainees.

LOCATION- Every facility I have personally seen has been clean and well maintained.

CO-WORKER COMPETENCE- Cintas has a fairly exhaustive interview process. While you might not always work with people that you'd volountarily spend 5 seconds with outside of work, there are few who aren't competent in their position.

WORK ENVIRONMENT- Like other places, there are a lot of smart, generous, hard-working, decent people at my location. Unfortunately, the pleasant experiences of working at Cintas are off-set by constant job uncertainty.

There are many positives aspects of working at Cintas. You should always keep in mind that if it suits your locations needs, you can be gone at any moment-regardless of your performance, position, and/or tenure.
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