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From Buffalo, New York — 05/08/2009

I am a long term SSR and am very unhappy with the Union talk and activity in Buffalo. My pay is darn good(especially with the economy and unemployment the way it is) and everyone is slowly going to a 4 day work week which is fantastic!!(More time with family and friends!) The benefits are decent-but I DO HAVE benefits which is the most important fact. My co-workers and Supervisors treat me with respect. Why? Because I do my job very well!! The only SSR's who are interested in paying money to a Union to balance out our pay are the low payed SSR's who do a poor job and can not sell or grow their routes.(and do not feel that they have job security like we do. These are the same guys who think we win contests because the same people are lucky or have better routes. We will make the right decision. We do not need this Matt Cole guy riding with us and interigating us ALL DAY.All he does is talk about the negative things that will happen if we have a Union and keeps asking us questions about the Union and asking us who is involved. He even has told several people that things will change in Buffalo when he is the General Manager. We do not need someone like Matt Cole adding fuel to the fire. The things he asks us and talks about to us on the routes are totally out of line. Does he think we do not talk to each other? He made it clear to me that he will make the necessary changes once this Union situation is handled and he is the new General Manager. That does not seem like something he should be discussing with SSR's that he barely knows. We do go by the philosphy "Whats happens on the trucks stays on the trucks", but that does not apply to a stranger who talks Union all day and asks us 200 questions about the Plant MGR, HR MGR, Service Management and especially the General Manager. He drilled two SSR's about Route Check-In and made it clear that when he is GM things will change. Hey fellow SSR's----LET's Stop The Union Talk. Let's just do our Job's. If you are not a good SSR-please change that or change careers. Please stop this Matt Cole from making our work days ackward all day!! We have it preety darn good Guys!! I'm done ! Thanks!
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