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From Northeast — 04/16/2009

I would like to say I have been an employee for CINTAS for 2 years now and love it. My areas are great, I love my customers and love being on the road. All you people who are on hear complaining are the ones who ruin it for everyone else. Let me say these key poiunts that you all must not have the vbrain power to comprehend.
1) most of us only work 4 days!!! 4 days!!!!!
2)We have a job!!! And in these times with the economic trouble and lay offs you ungrateful people should thank CINTAS that you have a job to support you and your family.
3) We get paid pretty dam good for what we do
4)No matter where you work or who you work for, you will deal with problems and crap you don't like. Thats just life. Its when you come on things like this site and complain that you make a big deal for nothing. You need to understand that no matter where you are you will run into these problems.
5) Get a life. Every job has a hazard or an issue or another company trying to put false or exaggerated info out there to make us look bad or any other industry for that matter!!! Look ay politics, people pay companys or TV stations or newspaper to put out lies or make small things into a big deal!!!!

Basically to sum it up, we should understand everyone deals with crap at any job. If jobs were meant to be easy or fun than everyone would be doing it. But some people are lazy and want things there way. You think guys who build buildings or cities are gonna say "oh god this job sucks, its dangerous and if I get hurt I'm gonna sue"? Well if they do they are morons because every job has dangers of risks and you know what they are when you get into them. Its the smart people who do their job and follow the rules that succeed and enjoy there job and than there are people who half ass everything and want to do nothing and be lazy and get paid or dont follow rules and procedures who get hurt or worse and come on here and complain like babies. Thats why they make rules and procedures to follow!!! Just like a traffic light. Red means stop. If youn don't follow the rules and stop your gonna drive through it and probably get in an accident and get hurt or killed or hurt or kill someone else. So who's fault is that? Or are you gonna sue the town because you blew through. I mean come on people. Get a clue!!!! This is real life. Learn to deal with you job and what comes along with it and stop wasting our time. I'm sure instead of coming on here and bashing the company paying you, you probably could use that time to be better at your job and do your job right!!!!


A SSR who loves his job!!!
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