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From West of Mississippi — 02/03/2009

This review will be about as accurate and honest as I can be. I was a president's club rep for years, a top sales rep and have outlasted many a rep over those years. I have seen poor hiring on sales and ops. The respect I had was great and work life balance was good. I always worked hard but hit a wall when I felt I was hurting the customer with those 60 month contracts. Those long-term contracts were unnecessary and the knife I had to my back to perform like a circus lion was a little too much for me at times. The sales meetings were sometimes juvenile (what's your favorite movie your favorite dance move) Sales training was good. The work environment was favorable and I liked my Sales Manager for the most part. My General Manager was a hard worker but had no tact, hated salesmen and was in a constant fear of accounts going south the minute the folder passed over his desk. He was too service friendly for my taste. The GM before him was tops, loved sales reps but left the company. This company has changed so much in the last year. We still never had laptops when I recently left. I earned good money and am thankful for the opportunity to work for a company that afforded me a great living. The catch...look yourself in the mirror with pride and feel like you are helping businessess and not hurting them. Not a chance. I felt so bad about leaving the customer with the fact that his service would be par at best and he would want to cancel within a year because of poor service or numerous price increases. I thankfully work for a company that actually helps it's customers instead of sucking the blood from them to make a handsome buck. I had my day in the sun with Cintas but those days are behind me now. I am much happier now.
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