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From Columbus, OH — 12/08/2008

I have been with CIGNA for almost 20 years and couldn't be happier. Granted, over the years there have been numerous incompetent managers. People that had no business in those types of positions, and that had no idea how to "manage" people. But you just try to outlast them, since you know they're not going to be in that position for too long.

I worked in the claims department for a few years. And while the pay was only average, that's expected when all you do is data entry with minimal analysis and required skills. The overtime that was available made up for the pay. During my years in claims, I never made less than $36,000, and made as much as $53,000 during years I worked a lot of overtime. I averaged about $46,000.

I'm currently working closely with Providers and make a little over $58,000. I like the job but we have a small office, and I don't see a lot of potential for growth.

I really like the people I work alongside. There really isn't a lot of "teamwork", but when somebody needs help, others are always willing to step up.
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