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From Englewood, CO — 08/29/2008

I was a consultant for them. Where I was placed was great. My fellow Ciber co-workers at that site were incredible. What was really bad about Ciber is a pay raise would never come. Even if you were a golden child in your client's eyes. Performance reviews were never given and if they were it was by someone who never saw you at the client site.

Here's the part you should be concerned about. My contract unexpectedly ended due to the client's HR department mistake. Did Ciber step in and help out. No! Didn't even try finding another project for me. I did nothing wrong, in fact the client was upset about the whole situation. There is no bench time at Ciber. I was also 5 months pregnant at the time so makes me think Ciber didn't want to pay for my 8 weeks of paid leave. Stay away!
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