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Job Security5
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment3

From salem, OR — 07/06/2006

I worked for a Chevron station (coporate owned). And from my stand point at the retail level it was one of the best jobs i ever had. I was makeing an unheard of 9.50/hr to pump gas. The respect i got from management was awsome, we were rewarded for good reviews and such. Benifits sucked, but that can be expected when working for a retail store. Job security was good. They made every attempt to give you requested days off. Everyone up to and includeing the RM started out there pumping gas. The location was awsome, only a couple of min. drive. My co-workers were awsome (My mngr. bought tickets to a local heavy metal show). The only complaint i ever realy had was the fact that it was a retail inviroment, and being so i had to put up with a-hole customers all day.
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