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Work/Life Balance5
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From Vancouver, Washingto — 10/10/2006

Pay-pay can be great or horrible. Minimum wage is the base pay, then commission on top of that. If you do well in sales, then you get great pay. If your not that great as a salesperson, then your not going to get that good of pay. Repair and billing get paid more per hour, but if you ask me they don't get near enough for the crap they deal with every day. Also there are a lot of new people working here, and not enough sales calls to make up for it. Its a good 10 minutes between calls on some days, and when you work on commission it sucks. Respect-Iv never felt not respected, or like I was being treated like a child. They offer days off with pay from the starts. Sick time doesn't take long to add up. And they seem to work with you very well if you are having an emergency situation at home (with a child or something). Benefits-affordable benefits that covers medical/dental/visual for yourself + not that much more to add another person. Job security-Jobs are being outsourced like crazy. No one is currently safe. work/life balance-Again, if you have an emergency situation with a child they will happily work with you. Career potential-That depends on how much college you have, and how long you have been there. You have to work here 1 year to be promoted to any other position. Location-easy to get to, right by fast food, major grocery store, post offices, banks, etc... Co-Worker Competence-That is very questionable. Some people here really know there stuff (the old ones) some people don't have a clue (the newbie's). Training is ok, it does need lots of improvement. The problem with the trainers is they have not been on the phones in so long they don't' remember, or things have changed. In this job you really don't "learn" it until you have been on the floor for a while. Work Environment-Ok, working in a call center for a cable company can suck bad. Customers gripe about anything and everything. They get mad because our prices are to high, they get mad because we can't come out today to get them installed, they get mad because there favorite TV show has been cancelled (even though we at charter have nothing to do with what the network shows) and the people that get to hear there complaints are us. It sucks and its hard and there are times I hate my job. This company does everything it can to make a bad job good. We get tones of incentives. I have won so much stuff since I have been here. They have parties, free food, and prizes galore. So in closing, the job itself sucks bad. Dealing with customers is a hard job. People can be rude, pushy and stupid. The company is a great company to work for. Every company has areas it could improve on, this one does to. But considering the alternatives out there, this is a good company to work for. Good pay, tons of free stuff, and they work with you on how to improve your work performance every step of the way.
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