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From Englewood, CO — 04/09/2010

Only started with the company recently, but I can say that's it's a much better work experience than I was expecting from such a large firm. Core benefits are better than most firms and the 5% match is nice.
Employees are competent and many of them in Englewood have been with the company for over 10 yrs. Management is kind and patient. I don't feel like there's somebody breathing down my neck in any way whatsoever. Employees in my area perform their jobs in a professional manner and are treated with a hands-off approach from management because of it. People get their work done and head out for the day... sometimes that's early and other times it's later, but the work has to be done.
Lunch can be purchased on site and they offer a reasonable menu.
Sure they don't allow outside accounts, but that's typical for the industry, and most people really don't need anything more than what Schwab accts offer. Employees also get a discount on trades. All in all, my trades cost about a third or fourth of what they did at my last employer.
Coworkers are VERY helpful and have patience for the new guy. Nobody seems to be too stuck up or have a mentality of "figure it out".
Technology is a bit dated for the back office, but the advisor interface seems to be pretty nice.
Parking is not a problem and RTD stops right in front of the building for those that live downtown. Easy access to Castle Rock too.
Getting in at 7:30 and leaving at 4:00 keeps me out of the traffic and allows me to enjoy the summer afternoons.
I do get the impression that networking helps for internal job progression (more so than performance) and that the firm may be quick to hire from the outside, but it's a bit too early to say that for sure. The company does offer a lot of different positions and I can say that I've spoken to a lot of senior colleagues that have held many different positions over the years, so working your way up the totem pole can't be that bad.
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