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Job Security4
Work/Life Balance4
Career Growth4
Work Environment3

From Atlanta, GA — 04/17/2010

Pay -- Compensation isn't bad, but a bonus system with better structure is needed. No annual increases for the past couple of years and given the state of the economy this is to be expected. At least I haven't been ask to reduce my salary in order to continue being employed.

Respect -- Acceptable. Typically when I say something it is heard and of course not always acted upon, but this shouldn't be expected by anyone unless you're the CEO.

Benefits -- PTO is extremely good - you just find it difficult to take all they give you. Health benefits have suffered some the past few years with the increased cost being passed on the employees more each year. Still overall they have very good benefits.

Job Security -- Personally feel secure in my role. If you are a strong performer and are assigned to the correct physical location (ie not virtual) you generally don't have a problem remaining employed. Even with the staffing cuts the last few years there are still poor performers in the office while superior performers are let go simply due to being in a "virtual" status.

Work/Life Balance -- Challenging at certain times of the year and it really is up to the individual to draw the line on having a life outside the company. For the company the customer always comes first so finding the balance that works for you is key to success.

Career Potential/Growth -- There is always opportunity to learn something new. Simply too many roles and systems are available for someone to stagnate unless it is by choice. Not as much upward mobility as I've seen in other companies, but there have been plenty of my peers selected for management positions so the opportunity is there if you want it.

Location -- Great location if you live on the north side of Atlanta and can completely avoid 285 and/or 400.

Co-worker Competence -- As indicated in my comments for Job Security this is a challenged area for the company. Since the GE management team came on board we've struggled with letting extremely good resources go while retaining far less capable staff members simply due to their physical location. GE mindset completely eliminates the potential for virtual employees and you are left with whatever can be hired from the local pool. While Atlanta is a large metro area with pockets of excellent technical resources we seem to struggle in attracting these resources as we continue to hire weak performers. My workload is heavier than necessary due to having to clean up someone's mess far too often.

Work Environment -- Not terrible, but also not great. It takes a while to learn the ropes and to know who to contact when you need something done and done correctly. The environment would be much better if my co-workers were inspired to perform better in their roles.

No work place or company is perfect and Ceridian has challenges, but overall I'd rather work here versus anywhere else -- at least for now.
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