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Job Security3
Work/Life Balance5
Career Growth5
Work Environment5

From Minneapolis, MN — 02/03/2009

Pay: I think Ceridian pays well compared to comparable size businesses (comparable in earnings and employees). There is a salary freeze for 2009, but that's okay with me if it saves some of my colleague's jobs.

Respect: I feel well respected and I believe the mgmt. team is receptive to my recommendations to resolve business issues. I haven't been around too long, but it seems to me some of the tenured employees are used to a paternalistic leadership style. I am guessing that a number of employees feel threatened because of the accountability now being placed on their shoulders and don't like it when they are called out for poor or mediocre performance.

Benefits: I think the medical, dental, and vision coverage is marginal. Copays and premiums are higher than my last employer. However, with that said, we get 4 weeks of Paid Days Off, standard holidays, and 3 floating holidays. Being someone that rarely takes sick days, I find the PDO benefit very advantageous.

Job Security: So far Ceridian is doing better than most companies I know of. However, as the economy continues to deteriorate I expect Ceridian will have to take cost cutting measures to sustain profitability. I do have faith that the leadership team is monitoring the financial health of the business and will make the most effective decisions to limit the number of job losses. But, in this economic cycle layoffs are inevitable.

Work/life Balance: I think Ceridian affords its employees the opportunity to make decisions about how much they want to work. I have been able to maintain a healthy balance for me and my family. People have to understand there are tradeoffs in life. If to you work/life balance means that you can work 40 hours a week and still advance up the corporate ladder on the fast track, then Ceridian probably doesn't meet your expectation of work/life balance. If your perspective is that you can keep a flexible schedule, slide out when you need to, put in the hours when you need to, then I think Ceridian provides a healthy work/life balance. Just don't have unrealistic expectations. Very few people get the luxury of time and money, it's usually one or the other...

Career Potential/Growth: If you perform, execute, and deliver on your commitments I think the sky is the limit. The current executive team definitely believes in meritocracy, which I think is threatening to some tenured Ceridian employees. The current leadership team is heavily focused on business and process metrics. I've found that various areas of the business were not held accountable for the performance of their teams in the past. That is not the case today. It's this simple, If I perform opportunities are there. If I don't perform I should look for another job. To me the question is do I have the tools, training, support and leadership to be successful. I believe I do and will continue to have opportunities for career growth.

Location: Not an issue for me and quite frankly not that big of a concern. We are located in a mid-western city. In my opinion it's pretty easy to get around any part of the city during any time of day. Compared to the east coast, Chicago, or LA, travel to and from work is a non event.

Co-Worker Competence: This one's hard. I find a lot of people spending too much time telling everyone why something won't work as opposed to figuring out how to get "it" to work. As I mentioned earlier, I think there was a culture of paternalistic leadership in the business. This caused people to wait for their mgrs to act, to approve, to make decisions and alleviated accountability through multiple levels of the organization. Most of the tenured employees are exceptional at performing tasks, but lack problem solving and analytical skill sets. I find it hard to have the same kind of intellectual conversations I was used to having with colleagues at my previous employer. But, people should realize there are a number of exceptional employees at Ceridian. Ceridian didn't get to the kind of numbers it produces out of sheer luck. The culture is changing and the bar is rising. In my opinion, like it or not, the influx of ex-GE people is creating a performance based, metrics driven culture that produces business results. Yes, that means you have to be willing to do what it takes to be successful.

Work Environment: I really like my team, we have fun and get work done. For the most part, I find the environment to be relaxed, but productive. Ceridian has a cube environment, but the cubes are really nice, as is the office and office fixtures/furniture. Only complaint is that it is always freezing in the building. Look, I know I am getting old and might be more sensitive to temperature, but common, I saw people sitting at their desks with coats on the other day.
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