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From Eagan, MN — 01/29/2008

While I worked at Ceridian, I complained like most people do, I suppose. In hindsight, I really cherish the years I spent there in the EAP program. The benefits are really great. There's more time off than I've found with any other employer. Schedules can be flexible for some employees. The dress code is casual, which is really nice. They offer tuition reimbursement, professional development, and all kinds of great perks. They do lots of fun things too like potlucks, charity auctions, parties, contests, costume days, newsletters, etc. I'd say my coworkers in general were very competent, although many of the managers were sadly lacking in skills and competence. Pay was always lagging behind the market rate for all job functions. Job security was not great because there were layoffs fairly regularly. They often laid off the best employees and kept the bad ones too. There wasn't much chance for promotions and career growth except maybe if you wanted to switch departments or take a job over at headquarters. Managers are usually hired from outside and rarely promoted from within, which is a real shame. The computer databases and programs used really need to be updated and improved too. If Ceridian would just become competitive in pay, spend some money on modern computer database software, and promote from within more, it would be a really great place to work. It's still pretty good though. I made many friends there, learned a lot, and had a lot of fun. They were recently bought out by another company, and there may or may not be major changes coming in 2008.
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