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From Chicago — 01/22/2009

I could start by ranting as my position was recently eliminated and I find myself looking for employment during the worst economic conditions in my life. However, I really have very little to say that is negative about this firm. I was with CBRE for over 10 years and during my tenure with the firm I always felt that I was surrounded by exceptionally qualified hard working people. There are exceptions, as there will always be with an organization of this size, but the vast majority of personnel from top to bottom were/are wonderful people. It is impossible to generalize the way people are treated, respected and valued. These variables are determined by the individuals you encounter within your particular work environment. But I will state with conviction that those with whom I interacted with valued the services I provided, were always receptive to new ideas and were always willing to work through difficult situations.

Job security today is tenuous at best unless you are a revenue producer. However, given the current economic conditions this should not be surprising. What should be noted is that the decisions to terminate personnel are reviewed with an eye on the bottom line as well as the personal implications. I sat in meetings and can state that these were the most difficult meetings any manager attended and the decision to eliminate a person was never done easily or without remorse.

Difficult times demand difficult decisions, I accept that and am moving on. No regrets other than I am leaving behind some truly great friends.

I wish them all well.
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