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From Raliegh,NC — 06/06/2010

Having worked for this outfit for almost three years,i can only agree with many of the other posters here.Carquest as a company,has so much potential,but in review,it will never live up to it. The problem is,NO ONE in upper management gives a damn about anything.

Ask anyone on the street about Carquest and most people will not even have heard of them.Yet,at the same time,Carquest envisions becoming the number one parts outlet,over it's rivals.We predominently sell to commercial customers,who base their purchases on competitive prices.Our lines are limited,about half of AutoZone and O'reilly's.Stores across the USA are highly undermaned,putting great stress on everyone from Management down.

Our CEO Temple Sloan III,probably doesn't even realise the problems within his own company.We have lost so many good people,here at Corporate,District and store levels.Some managers often put in 14 to 16 hour days while operating in poorly staffed stores.Here at Corporate,we constantly see faces coming and going,which sums up the idea that "our people are our greatest asset."

So,in summary,Carquest needs to wake up to the 21st Century,or become the relic of the 20th that it so desires.It's time to oust the CEO and possibly the entire Board of Directors.Take a leaf out of the Ford Motor Company's book and bring in people who WILL give damn and know what it takes to make a mess,a success!

Unless morale at all levels change,Carquest will collapse from within.Unless management can wake up to the market needs,Carquest will be crushed by the opposition.
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