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From California — 02/27/2010

I've read every review on this website and know quit a bit about CarMax from almost every department. I can tell you that a disgruntled employee will be MUCH louder that one that truly enjoys their job. I feel that most of the people that have vented on this site want a lot for not a lot of work. If you are hard working and a good individual..... you will love CarMax. I spoke with a Technician that works for CarMax today and he said he would NEVER work for another company. This is not unusual in my experience. CarMax takes care of their employees and does all they can do to keep them happy. They also do their best to take care of their customers. Look into the BBB and any other corporate watch dog and you will find raving reviews. Their products and service are far superior than the treatment people get at traditional dealerships. As far as the lay offs last year.... yes they did occur. And no CarMax did not want to let associates go. In a time when most people were receiving 10% pay cuts and THOUSANDS of people were getting laid off from other companies, I feel that a couple hundred people who were offered other positions is not that bad. In fact its fantastic compared to other companies that just shut doors and did nothing to warn their employees of their pending unemployment. If you have a chance..... apply for CarMax!!!! Don't let a couple of individuals who are angry that their experience was not what they expected discourage you. You will not regret it.
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