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From San Antonio, TX — 04/08/2009

The Pay is the same as it has been for 15 years. To make the big bucks you have to be there over 40 hours/week and your social life gets massively hit.

Respect is a word that I have mixed feelings about. I respected certain people, and this was most of my store as the group were around since the store opening and we built camaraderie from the start and welcomed new comers. I feel that some people did not respect each other, and felt antagonized by some of the managers.

Benefits now that I look at them cost higher than what I have seen at other companies that have similar costs and benefits being awarded.

Your job is as secure as you make it. While they won't really fire you for under performing, as you work for free, with the unfortunate layoffs last year it made you wonder daily if you were next.

My work bled into my personal time, meaning coming in a lot of my days off, getting phone calls on my days off and at very inconvenient times, and not being able to spend time with those I wanted to be with, like family and friends.

In this current economy, the potential for growth seems grim, and unless they get a good shot in the arm, the entire chain will suffer.

The store was down the street from my house, 10 minutes to work tops.

Most of my co-workers were smart, and some no so much. A few of the managers seemed to care, while others had ideas of old so ingrained in their skulls they couldn't see what was happening. We're in a recession.

The environment itself was clean and open. While the pipped in music did get annoying, thankfully being able to have a more relaxed uniform like khakis and shorts during summer, made it a lot more enjoyable.

Overall, it's a decent company, with good ideas, morals, and values. Appraisals are based on live auction data, and guess what, a sales business is in the business for profit. So to bad mouth and say that they raise the prices...well, so does everyone else. The problem is right now commissioned sales are rougher than ever. And when you're that desperately trying to make ends meet, it doesn't help when you're there for 12 hours on a Saturday, and you don't make a cent.
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