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Job Security4
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From Dublin, OH — 12/10/2008

Pay: I was told that some people make 75,000/year when I started. At our store that doesn't seem terribly feasible for a sales consultant. Like most commissioned jobs it has its ups and downs. We are dependent on the general economy and as many people have noticed it isn't great now. There is no base pay so no sales means drawing off of your next check.

Respect: This is one of the best work environments I have been in. We get along well and I feel I can trust my fellow employees. That counts for a lot.

Benefits: The health insurance and leave policies have been great for me so far. The pay for bad weather and training is cruddy. We are on the clock when we are shoveling and when we have meetings or training. This makes our sales per hour lower and affects our paid time off calculations. There are rules about how sales are split that aren't always followed even with manager involvement. Carmax has tuition benefits but as we are on a rotating schedule it is next to impossible for a sales person to use those benefits as we have no set days off. Carmax does have stock matching, tuition assistance, 401k matching, etc which is good.

Job Security: For sales people it seems if we follow our training you are pretty safe. We pretty much leave on our own due to not making enough sales. If we aren't performing we get no pay so in a way we fire ourselves.

Work/Life Balance: We are encouraged not to come in on days off or time off. The challenge there is that your customer might come in. You could loose a half to a whole sale that way. The other problem is that if you have a transfer come in the managers are encouraged to get the car out that day if we aren't making budget. Doesn't matter if you have worked hours with that customer. There is a good chance you will loose at least half of it. Also, hours are retail hours. We do have a rotating schedule though. This helps you to have a few nights, weekends, and days to yourself. Every 6 weeks we get a 3 day weekend. In between that we get 1-2 Sundays off and 1-2 Fridays off.

Growth: I have seen some people get really hurt on this one. Carmax has a policy about individual development plans. This doesn't mean that anyone will follow them. You can do a year of IDP work and then get dropped and watch someone who has put no effort in end up in the position. On the other hand, many of the managers at my store worked there way from sales people. I have seen other people also move on, up, and out to new stores in my time there. I am not sure what helps one person move when another person who has done lots of solid work doesn't.

Location: 15 minutes from my house, in a suburb, it is great.

Co-workers: as above we get along, sometimes we have spans where quality is down but it tends to get fixed.

Work environment: it is great, the hardest part is the retail hours and commission.
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